2012 Formula One Related Anagrams

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AnagramAnswerExtra Info
Bring dull race
A keen khaki violin
A pretty gaff
Major reasoning
Just bent noon
Average doddering
Got milk co
Retain breeze gust
Solid can
Adores leopard
Embark brew
Fernando moves recede calm
A illogical franchise
Say akimbo Haiku
Seize groper
Ours is aero doctors
AnagramAnswerExtra Info
If car had a air nose
Salivate ten best
Oilman whistle
Price clash
Adult praise
Shame church malice
Adores noon flan
Mafia sleeps
Short cow
Embroiders a mojo
Violate admiral
A nuns boner
Ire racier frauds
Belong chunkier
Boring corse

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