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Can you name the country in which these one-letter places can be found?

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Place NameCountryPlace Description
Å The name of at least seven villages in the northern areas of this northern country.
Å Also a village in the southern part of the former country’s neighbor.
DA short river that flows westward through this country from Devil’s Lake into the Pacific Ocean.
EA mountain on the northernmost of this country’s few large main islands.
EA river in the northern Highlands of this country.
IA town on the southeast coast of this country’s very heavily populated mainland.
ØA hill on the peninsular part of this country.
UA settlement on the largest single island of this Oceanian country.
UThe name of a place on this isthmus country.
ÚThe name of a place in this large island country.
YA commune in a northern department of this country; its inhabitants call themselves Ypsiloniens (males) and Ypsiloniennes (females).
YA river whose watershed empties into a sea connected to the Arctic Ocean.

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