Chinese Imperialism and Communism

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Ended the First Opium War
Any of three countries that China exhibited imperialist tendencies toward in the 20th century
Leader of the Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War
A convention that resulted in an extremely unfair (to Britain) treaty between Britain and China
1894 war between Japan and China about control of Korea, which the Chinese eventually lost
Lasting from 1966 to 1976, this was a purge of all non-communist elements in China
British territory that was returned to China in 1997
Name of conflict between England and China that led to the opening up of Chinese economy to the rest of the world.
1883 war between China and France over Vietnam
First leader of the People's Republic of China
Riots in which a group of British missionaries were attacked by native Chinese
First European country to have a significant commercial relationship with China
1898 uprising with a primary aim of ridding China of foreign influence
Dynasty that ruled China from 1644-1912
Movement that forced the Chinese not to sign the Treaty of Versailles

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