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claim to fame
Teen Wolf
My Dad loves being the mayor
The greatest gym teacher of all time
Once ate an apple in 2 bites
20,000 words
PH aka Ghetto...
The greatest foods teacher of all time
Nappy Headed
Ok I'll start trying now
Golden + Cat
'Hey you know...'
Her brownies!!! Yum!!!
The most used name in all of Nashua
The most vicious bight at Elm St.
Most likely to win American Idol
1 Something
Loves steak... and all other foods
The closest close talker ever
claim to fame
I love sleeping
Da biggest of the bigs
Cures all of Jmo's hiccups
Has the highest IQ in the city of Nashua
I'm basically the pits
Omg his but!!!
From the dirty south... Boston
The greatest announcer in Nashua history
Twin sister's name is Brittany
Every high school girls dream
I love lil
Uni-brow for days
Engaged and Underaged
Such a dog
Makes the meanest grilled cheese around
Every high school boys dream
Fell asleep on the senior boat cruise
Yo am I high right now
Shaggy from Scooby Doo
I **** in urinals, sinks, anywhere

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