Name the... Nicknames Used by Sawyer in Lost

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Can you name the characters that get called the following nicknames by Sawyer in Lost?

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HanExodus, Part 2
Tribe of Evil NativesAll the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Mr. I-Speak-To-Dead-PeopleLaFleur
Short RoundNumbers
The Artist Formerly Known As Henry Gale?
JabbaFire + Water
The A-Team (five characters)Exposé
Three Men & a Baby (three characters)
Jungle BoyHomecoming
Dr. GigglesS.O.S.
Mad ScientistLaFleur
YodaConfirmed Dead
The Magic LeprechaunThe End
Chewie...And Found
Captain FalafelHouse of the Rising Sun
Oliver TwistTricia Tanaka Is Dead
FrenchyThe Shape of Things to Come
TarzanThe Brig
French ChickTabula Rasa
Captain Bunny KillerStranger in a Strange Land
Reject From VH1 Has-BeensAll the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Broken Nose Man's GirlEvery Man for Himself
SkeletorTricia Tanaka Is Dead
Jiminy CricketTricia Tanaka Is Dead
The Mighty HuntressWalkabout
Sally SlingshotStranger in a Strange Land
Mr. MiyagiWhite Rabbit
Hunk of Ham (animal)Walkabout
Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon (two characters)Enter 77
Mr. CleanThe Hunting Party
International House of PancakesTricia Tanaka Is Dead
ScottyThe Beginning of the End
H.G. WellsThe Variable
Boar ExpertOutlaws
HulkTricia Tanaka Is Dead
Bald FellowLaFleur

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