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HintsAnswerAbout Them
His father is evil and murderous and he refuses to be like himHe looks exactly like his father
He's the main charatcer of the first seriesHe's ginger with green eyes
He becomes a loner He lives with Barley
She is pale ginger with green eyes and ends up with FirestarShe has two daughters
She was leader when Firestar came to ThunderClanShe had a big secret
She was once a ShadowClan medicine cat, but went to ThunderClanShe was very close to Firestar
She died saving her friendsShe lived in RiverClan with her brother
He chose his warrior name after a past mateHe has a prickly personality
He loves Ferncloud a lotHe never really liked Firestar
She doesn't feel as special as her brothersShe dies in the most recent book
HintsAnswerAbout Them
She doesn't believe in StarclanShe is a medicine cat
He's blind and hates when people try to help himHe is a medicine cat
She has to choose between Ashfur and BrambleclawShe is the daughter of Firestar
Her leg gets run over and she becomes crippledShe is a medicine cat
She died while giving birthShe lived in RiverClan
She is a medicine cat and is the daughter of FirestarShe is very timid and quiet but holds a dark secret
He is taken away by TwolegsHe is Firestar's best friend
He is trained by TigerstarHe has special powers
She was Firestar's/Firepaw's first loveShe was a medicine cat
She flees from her Clan because everybody blames her for what her father didShe originally lived in ThunderClan

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