100 UK Indie Bands, 80s and 90s

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Can you name the UK (and Ireland) Indie Bands from the 80s and 90s?

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Tattva; Hey Dude; Govinda
I'll Manage Somehow; Daydreamer; Stardust
High and Dry; Anyone Can Play Guitar; Lucky
Eat Y'Self Fitter; LA; How I Wrote Elastic Man
One Way; Battle of the Beanfield; This Garden
Big; Stockholm; Bong
Saturday's Not What It Used to Be; In the Best Possible Taste; Armchair Anarchist
Laid; Sit Down; Gold Mother
The Devil Has All the Best Tunes; The King of Rock and Roll; Life of Surprises
Preposterous Tales; Quite Extraordinary; A Pop Fan's Dream
Kinky Afro; Hallelujah; WFL
Primitive Painters; Ballad of the Band; Penelope Tree
Ich Bin Ein Auslander; Menofearthereaper; Wake Up! Time to Die...
Can't Even be Bothered; Crashin' In; Here Comes a Soul Saver
Insomniac; Bellyache; I Can't Imagine a World Without Me
Northern Lights; Ice Hockey Hair; Hermann Loves Pauline
The Drowners; We Are the Pigs; My Insatiable One
Vaseline; Annie; Line Up
Reward; Bouncing Babies; Kilamanjaro
All the Records on the Radio Are Shite; I Hate Scotland; The Sash My Father Wore
20th Century Gods; Afrodisiac; Deep Fried
Turkey Mambo Momma; Dogs are Everywhere; Babies
Evidently Chickentown; 23rd; Conditional Discharge
Searching for Mr Right; Colossal Youth; Eating Noddemix
Serious Drugs; Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide; Kylie's Got a Crush On Us
Inbetweener; Vegas; Sale of the Century
Not So Manic Now; Stars; Disgraceful
Trumpton Riots; Dickie Davis Eyes; Dukla Prague Away Kit
High Society; Speed King; Too Sussed
Sorry for Laughing; It's Kinda Funny; Revelation
You're in a Bad Way; He's on the Phone; I Was Born on Christmas Day
Mansize Rooster; Lenny; Grace
Checking In, Checking Out; The Sun Beats Down; Homespin Rerun
Wide Open Space; Legacy; Stripper Vicar
Punka; In Your Car; Come Out 2 Nite
How Does It Feel to Feel; I Don't Know Where It Comes From; Kaleidoscope
Truck Train Tractor; Worlds of Possibilitlies; A Million Tears
A Thousand Trees; Local Boy in the Photograph; Pick a Part That's New
Ladykillers; Desire Lines; Hypocrite
Boss Drum; Phorever People; Move Any Mountain
Kill Your Television; Terminally Groovy; Grey Cell Green
Velocity Girl; Loaded; Higher than the Sun
Lola; Adventures Close to Home; Shouting Out Loud
Panic; Ask; Girlfriend in a Coma
In the Rain; Every Conversation; No Place Called Home
I Find That Essence Rare; Damaged Goods; At Home He's a Tourist
In Love; Flying Over Russia; Honey
Don't Stop; Tightrope; One Love
Alcoholiday; Ain't That Enough; Mellow Doubt
Olympian; Sleep Weel Tonight; London Can You Wait
Son of a Gun; Rory Rides Me Raw; Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
Hello; Your Love Takes Me Higher; The Sun Rising
International Rescue; Love Is the Slug; Pink Sunshine
Kung-Fu; Girl from Mars; Jack Names the Planets
Rip it Up; Falling and Laughing; Tender Object
Sheriff Fatman; After the Watershed; Let's Get Tattoos
Do the Du; I Fail; Knife Slits Water
Sleep on the Left Side; Topknot; Funky Days Are Back Again
Doledrum; There She Goes; Son of a Gun
Sketch for Summer; Sketch for Dawn; Conduct
A New England; St. Swithin's Day; Waiting for the Great Leap Forward
C'mon Billy; Sheela-Na-Gig; Good Fortune
Saturn 5; This Is How It Feels; Dragging Me Down
When I Argue I See Shapes; Queen of the Troubled Teens; American English
Chinese Bakery; Lenny Valentino; Show Girl
The State I Am In; We Rule the School; Like Dylan in the Movies
Live Forever; Sad Song; Cast No Shadow
Dolphin; Speakeasy; Going for Gold
History; This is Music; Lucky Man
Motorcycle Emptiness; You Love Us; Faster
Pandora; Heaven or Las Vegas; Cherry Coloured Funk
Best Song in the World; Middle of the Road: The Osmonds
Lazarus; I Hang Suspended; Find the Answer Within
Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in my Soul; 3am Eternal; What Time is Love
Size of a Cow; Don't Let Me Down Gently; Welcome to the Cheap Seats
Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft; Kennedy; Brass Neck
Bizarre Love Triangle; Leave Me Alone; Blue Monday
This is Fake DIY; Icky Pooh Air Raid ; Teen-C Power
Look Back in Anger; Part Time Punks; I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
Since Yesterday; Trees and Flowers; Who Knows What Love Is
She's so High; This is a Low; The Universal
Here's Where the Story Ends; On Earth; A Certain Someone
Paint a Rainbow; To Here Knows When; Only Shallow
Coming Up Roses; Chinese Burn; Coast is Clear
The Cedar Room; Catch the Sun; M62 Song
Pacific State; Tunes Splits the Atom; The Only Rhyme That Bites
A Forest; Jumping Someone Else's Train; Just Like Heaven
Bug Powder Dust; Beat Dis; On the Cut
Aye Today; Pull the Wires from the Wall; All You Need Is Hate
One Big Family; All You Good Good People; The Last Gas
Only Losers Take the Bus; Blues for Ceausescu; Evil Man
Skank Bloc Bologna; She's a Woman; Asylums in Jerusalem
Where's Me Jumper; Give Him a Ball (and a Yard of Grass); Veronica
U16 Girls; All I Want to Do Is Rock; Turn
Sometimes; I Love Saturdays; Blue Savannah
Road Rage; Bleed; You've Got a Lot to Answer For
Connected; Step It Up; Deep Down and Dirty
I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Thank God); Break your Face; Talulah Gosh
Just Like Honey; Some Candy Talking; I Hate Rock'n'Roll
Slight Return; Marblehead Johnson; Bluetonic

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