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Can you name the words missing from these Joss Whedon TV Show Episode Titles?

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EpisodeMissing WordShow
_____ to the HellmouthBuffy
The _____ Tale of Numero CincoAngel
A Hole in the _____Angel
Buffy vs. _____Buffy
War ______Firefly
Lies My _____ Told MeBuffy
I Was _____ to Love YouBuffy
______ 2: ReturnDollhouse
Are You Now or Have You _____ Been?Angel
_____ of GoldFirefly
The _____ EyeDollhouse
Our Mrs. _____Firefly
That Old _____ of MineAngel
EpisodeMissing WordShow
Spy in the House of ______Dollhouse
_____ Will Be _____Angel
The Left _____Dollhouse
Slouching Toward _______Angel
When ____ was BadBuffy
Never _____ a Boy on the First DateBuffy
_____ Time, _____ PlaceBuffy
Out of _____Firefly
The _____ Light of DayBuffy
There's No Place _____ Plrtz GlrbAngel
_____ Happy PeopleAngel
Objects in _____Firefly
Bewitched, _____ and BewilderedBuffy

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