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Billie and Tre's sexual orientation
Second album
Where Bullet In A Bible was recorded
Musical based on an album
Eighth album
Song about cross-dressing
How many countries American Idiot topped the charts in
Song about Billie's stepfather
What caused Time Of Your Life become so popular
Twelfth album (coming soon!)
Seventh album
Tenth album
Ninth album
Song Tre wrote
Third album
Former backing member who played trumpet
Song Tre wrote
Billie's signature guitar
Original name for the band
Backing member who plays guitar
Billie's record company
Song about Billie's father
Sixth album
What the 9th album was going to be called
ClueAnswerExtra Info
Where Billie performed naked
Fourth album
Mike's diner
What Tre thinks dogs will do
Who 21st Century Breakdown tells the story of
A side project of the band
Backing member who plays sax and piano
What Green Day originally toured in
Song with a bass line written while on LSD
First album
Tre's part in Homecoming
Billie's wife
What EBPM stands for
Fifth album
What Tre climbed
A side project of the band
Saint ________
Tre did a cover of this song
What Dookie was orginally going to be named
Who American Idiot tells the story of
Eleventh album
Lead singer
Backing member who plays guitar
The real title of Time Of Your Life

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