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Can you name the solos of Mackenzie Ziegler?

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Episode TitleDanceSeason, Award, Style
Solo Fever2.5 | 1st Elite Mini Soloist | Acro
Brooke's Back2 | 1st | Acro
Sister Showdown4 | 2nd in Junior Category, 2nd Overall | Lyrical
Stealing the Show1 | Unannounced | Acro
Two Girls, One Solo3.5 | 2nd | Acro
Wardrobe Malfunction2 | Unannounced | Acro
Nothing's Fair in Abbyville4 | 1st | Acro Jazz
Abby Strikes Back4 | 1st | Acro Jazz
New Girl in Town2.5 | 3rd | Acro
Break a Leg2.5 | 2nd | Acro
Tap Versus Hip Hop3.5 | 1st | Acro Jazz
Episode TitleDanceSeason, Award, Style
The Big, Not So, Easy3.5 | 2nd | Acro Jazz
No One is Safe4 | 2nd | Acro Jazz, Lipsync
All's Fair in Love and War3 | 2nd | Acro Jazz
Liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire!3 | 1st | Acro
The Battle Begins2.5 | 10th | Acro
Revenge of the Replacements3 | 3rd | Contemporary Acro
Brooke's Turning Point2 | 1st | Acro
I Know What You Did Last Competition2.5 | 1st | Jazz Acro
Nationals 902102.5 | 1st Petite Miss Energy | Acro
The Beginning of the End3 | 1st | Acro
Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't3.5 | 1st | Acro

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