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Dancer(s)DanceEpisode, Award, Style
Vivi-Anne SteinCheerleader Blues | 7th | Jazz
Vivi-Anne SteinStealing the Show | Unannounced | Musical Theatre
Justice McCourt & Vivi-Anne SteinCathy Brings it On | Did Not Place | Musical Theatre
Taylor O'LearCathy Brings it On | Did Not Place | Lyrical
Candy Apples Dance CenterReturn of the Candy Apples | 2nd | Jazz
Erika SchradeReturn of the Candy Apples | Disqualified in Age Group | Lyrical
Candy Apples Dance CenterBrooke's Turning Point | 8th | Contemporary
Candy Apples Dance CenterThe Runaway Mom | Did Not Place | Contemporary
Candy Apples Dance CenterMelissa Pleads the Fifth | Did Not Place | Contemporary
Justice McCourtMelissa Pleads the Fifth | 2nd | Lyrical
Candy Apples Dance CenterAbbygeddon | 9th | Lyrical
Candy Apples Dance CenterHow Do You Like Them Apples? | Did Not Place | Contemporary
Justice McCourtRevenge of the Candy Apples | 1st Overall | Acrobatic Contemporary
Candy Apples Dance CenterRevenge of the Candy Apples | 3rd Overall | Jazz
Justice McCourt & Drazen WilmersRevenge of the Candy Apples | 2nd Overall | Contemporary
Candy Apples Dance CenterNationals 90210 | Did Not Place | Contemporary
Justice McCourtNationals 90210 | 3rd | Contemporary
Replacement Dancers - ALDCOut With the Old, In With the New | 2nd | Lyrical
Sophia LuciaOut With the Old, In With the New | 1st | Jazz
Ally SerigneOut With the Old, In With the New | 2nd | Lyrical
Hadley WaltsOut With the Old, In With the New | 2nd (1st on Show) | Jazz
THR!VE Dance CompanyOut With the Old, In With the New | 1st | Jazz
Dancer(s)DanceEpisode, Award, Style
Sophia LuciaBut I'm a National Champion! | 1st | Jazz
Bella HoffheinsRevenge of the Replacements | 4th | Lyrical
Kaeli WareRevenge of the Replacements | 1st | Lyrical
Studio BleuRevenge of the Replacements | 1st | Contemporary
Candy Apples' ''Apple Cores''Boys are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties | 2nd | Hip Hop
Candy Apples' ''Apple Cores''Rotten to the Core | 1st | Hip Hop
Gino CoscullelaRotten to the Core | 8th | Jazz
Candy Apples' ''Apple Cores''Apple of Her Eye | 2nd | Musical Theatre
Jalen TestermanApple of Her Eye | 6th | Hip Hop
Candy Apples' ''Apple Cores''Watch Your Back, Mack | 1st | Contemporary
Gino Coscullela & Sammy GonzalesWatch Your Back, Mack | 1st | Latin
Candy Apples' ''Apple Cores''Candy Apple Showdown | 1st | Contemporary
Nick Daniels & Jalen TestermanCandy Apple Showdown | 1st | Acro
Zack TorresCandy Apple Showdown | 2nd | Contemporary
ALDC Senior GroupBoy Crazy, Mom Crazy | 1st | Contemporary
Candy Apples' ''Apple Cores''Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy | 2nd | Jazz
Nick DanielsBoy Crazy, Mom Crazy | 1st | Acro
Gino Coscullela & Zack TorresBoy Crazy, Mom Crazy | 2nd | Lyrical
Candy ApplesAn Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away | 1st | Lyrical
Zack TorresAn Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away | 3rd | Contemporary
Hadley WaltsAn Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away | 2nd | Jazz
Candy ApplesNo Room for Rotten Apples | 2nd | Hip Hop
Dancer(s)DanceEpisode, Award, Style
Nick Daniels & Hadley WaltsNo Room for Rotten Apples | 1st | Contemporary
Jalen TestermanNo Room for Rotten Apples | 9th | Contemporary
Mari DudashNo Room for Rotten Apples | 8th | Contemporary
Candy ApplesClash of the Dance Moms | 3rd | Contemporary
Nicaya Wiley, Lucas Triana, Brooke ShoreClash of the Dance Moms | 7th | Musical Theatre Jazz
Candy ApplesOn-Again, Off-Again Abby | 2nd | Contemporary
Zack TorresOn-Again, Off-Again Abby | 2nd | Contemporary
Candy ApplesThe Big, Not So, Easy | 2nd | Contemporary
Candy ApplesTwo Can Play This Game | 2nd | Lyrical
Lucas TrianaTwo Can Play This Game | 4th | Contemporary
Candy ApplesChloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 | 2nd | Jazz
Chloe NguyenClash of the Chloes | 2nd | Lyrical
Fallon ChapmanBlame it on the New Girl | 3rd | Contemporary
Candy ApplesBlame it on the New Girl | Pulled | Contemporary
Gavin MoralesBlame it on the New Girl | 1st | Contemporary
Candy ApplesDecisions Decisions | 2nd | Contemporary
Nick DanielsDecisions Decisions | 3rd | Lyrical
Studio LarkinLights! Camera! Dance! | 1st | Lyrical
ALDC New Junior Elite TeamPresenting My New Team | 1st | Lyrical
Ava Cota & Sarah ReasonsPresenting My New Team | 2nd | Lyrical
Kamryn BeckPresenting My New Team | 1st in Teen, 3rd Overall | Lyrical

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