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Opening lyricsTitleOriginal album appearance
'We carried you in our arms on Independence Day''Music from Big Pink' (1968)
'The many roads I've travelled...''Stage Fright' (1970)
'Oh the streets of Rome are filled with rubble..''Cahoots' (1971)
'Standing by your window in pain, a pistol in your hand...''The Band' (1969)
'They say everything can be replaced...''Music from Big Pink' (1968)
'If you find me in a gloom; catch me in a dream...''The Band' (1969)
'To all concerned, dead or alive...''Stage Fright' (1970)
Opening lyricsTitleOriginal album appearance
'Ollie told me I'm a fool...''The Band' (1969)
'I know she's a tracker...any scarlet would back her.''Music from Big Pink' (1968)
'Take a silver dollar, put it in your pocket; never let it slip away...''Before the Flood' (1974)
'High and lonesome out on Times Square; ain't got a dime, ain't got a prayer.''Northern Lights - Southern Cross' (1975)
'There's a legend of a lady on the mountain...''Islands' (1977)
'Boards on the window, mail by the door...''Northern Lights - Southern Cross' (1975)

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