Greek Gods and Goddesses

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God of the sky and rain.
God of horses. Nicknamed the 'earth-shaker'
Possessed a famed helmet that would allow the wearer to become invisible
Inventor of the bridle
Carried the caduceus
The only god considered ugly
Born from the foam of the sea
Goddess of youth
Protector of marriage
Patron god of the Vestal Virgins
Considered 'The most greek of all the gods'
Transformed the mortal Actaeon into a stag
The father of Strife
Mother of Strife
Minor god who defeated Apollo in a music duel judged by King Minos
God who came to represent immortality and the god of wine
Daughter of Demeter
Condemned to hold the earth on his shoulders after the Titanomachia
Defeated by his son Zeus
Titan who is considered the mother of all monsters
Wife of Dionysus who find her on the island of Naxos after Theseus left her

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