Derek Boogaard Fights

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Can you name the players that Derek Boogaard have fought in the NHL?

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TeamPlayerDate (W/L)
Anaheim Ducks10/16/05 (W)
Anaheim Ducks10/16/05 (Draw)
San Jose Sharks10/19/05 (W)
Vancouver Canucks11/02/05 (W)
Anaheim Ducks11/05/05 (W)
Edmonton Oilers11/23/05 (L)
Nashville Predators12/01/05 (W)
Philadelphia Flyers12/10/05 (L)
Calgary Flames01/14/06 (L)
Ottawa Senators01/16/06 (W)
Chicago Blackhawks01/22/06 (W)
Columbus Bluejackets01/26/06 (W)
Phoenix Coyotes02/04/06 (W)
Edmonton Oilers02/10/06 (L)
Colorado Avalanche02/28/06 (Draw)
Edmonton Oilers03/26/06 (L)
Columbus Bluejackets10/14/06 (W)
Los Angeles Kings10/25/06 (W)
Anaheim Ducks10/27/06 (W)
Anaheim Ducks10/27/06 (W)
Phoenix Coyotes11/14/06 (L)
Calgary Flames01/09/07 (L)
Calgary Flames01/26/07 (W)
St. Louis Blues03/22/07 (W)
TeamPlayerDate (W/L)
Los Angeles Kings03/24/07 (W)
Edmonton Oilers04/03/07 (W)
Chicago Blackhawks10/04/07 (L)
Anaheim Ducks10/14/07 (W)
Anaheim Ducks10/14/07 (L)
St. Louis Blues11/01/07 (W)
Calgary Flames11/03/07 (W)
Columbus Bluejackets11/23/07 (Draw)
San Jose Sharks03/19/08 (W)
Calgary Flames03/22/08 (W)
Edmonton Oliers03/26/08 (W)
Vancouver Canucks03/28/08 (W)
Florida Panthers10/16/08 (L)
Vancouver Canucks11/08/08 (W)
Dallas Stars11/26/08 (W)
Nashville Predators11/29/08 (W)
Nashville Predators12/06/08 (L)
Calgary Flames12/17/08 (W)
San Jose Sharks12/31/08 (W)
Los Angeles Kings01/20/09 (W)
Edmonton Oilers01/30/09 (Draw)
Colorado Avalanche10/21/09 (W)
Nashville Predators12/02/09 (W)
Anaheim Ducks12/04/09 (W)

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