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DescriptionMedalXP Worth
Capture a point while in Second Chance
Kill an enemy while dead
Kill an enemy that was defusing
Injure an enemy that a teammate kills
Injure an enemy that killed himself
Killed an enemy that recently killed a teammate
Knife a player in the back
Kill an enemy with a Tomahawk in Sticks and Stones
Kill an enemy with a banked Tomahawk
Detonated the bomb
Stopped an enemy short of a killstreak
Recovered from a deathstreak
Killed an enemy near the defense point
Killed 2 people in rapid succession
Kill a downed enemy with a headshot
Got the first kill
Captured the enemy flag
Return your flag
Picked up the enemy flag
Killed an enemy with a headshot
Defused the bomb
DescriptionMedalXP Worth
Stole an enemy crate
Killed an enemy from a distance
Revived a down teammate
Kill more than 3 enemies in rapid succession
Kill an enemy near the objective
Took out a Valkyrie Rocket
Killed an enemy with one shot
Kill the enemy who killed you
Took an objective
Save a wounded teammate
Took out an RC-XD
Planted the bomb
Kill an enemy with a Tomahawk
A teammate took your crate
Shot and killed an enemy with the Ballistic Knife
Took out helicopter, Spy Plane, or Counter-Spy Plane
Assisted in taking down air support
Stuck an explosive to an enemy
Killed 3 people in rapid succession
Took out an enemy turret

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