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Sounds LikeMovie TitleYear
Chew and Eat Elf2009
Have It Hard2009
Rogue Key1976
Mix It In Plausible Stew2000
They Golf Hotter1972
Bats Do The Fuel Cheer1985
Think: Ready Bulls2004
Rate Her If The Law’s Dark1981
Sure, wreck the herd2007
Peed Her Pants1953
Sounds LikeMovie TitleYear
Diet Antic1997
Harm a Kevin1998
I’ll Add Him1992
Windy Pennants Stay1996
Joyce Tore Weed1995
They’ll Iron Clean1994
Grows But Stares1984
Hal’s Hand Won, Darlin’2010
Pray They’ll Attack Jim1987
Cher Has a Part1993

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