The Best of Don Showalter

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fill in the blank
' You know what I'm gonna do . . I'm gonna make a _____!'
'There's the ___________'
'That's just a ________ ________'
' Wow! What a _________, huh?!'
'Blue to red, ____________'
' Oh, it's getting _____ in there . . but that's understandable!' '
'In the laboratory, we don't taste, we ____'
' Let's weigh something we all like. . . let's weigh some _____!'
' Whoa! Look at the _____!'
' Let's turn on the electricity and . . . _______ ________!'
' The beaker is frozen to the _____! Look at that!'
'Believe it or not, I did ____ __ ____this morning!'

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