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DescriptionAll About Harry Potter
He is the predecessor of Albus Dumbledore as headmaster.
Albus Dumbledore's sister
Term used to refer to large, talking spiders
Spell used to make a large fiery X
Spell used to produce bandages
First goblin who showed Harry his Gringotts vault with Hagrid
Name of the successor of Scrimgeour as the Head of Auror Office
Book used by Harry in Potions in his 6th year
Mother of Voldemort (whole name)
Buckbeak's name in Harry's 6th year
DescriptionAll About Harry Potter
House-elf accused as the murderer of Hepzibah Smith
Kind of dog Fang is
Father of Severus Snape
Village where Slughorn hides when Harry saw him for the first time
Head of the goblin liaison office.
Spell used to make invisible ink appear
Creature which can only be seen by someone who has witnessed death
Thing where you put part of your soul
Dark wizard catcher
Gardener in the Riddle House

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