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DescriptionEpisode Name
Mrs Landingham's funeral, Bartlett decides whether or not to run for re-election.
The White House is locked down after suspicious substances are found in the air near the Oval Office.
A Documentary crew follows CJ around, filming a 'normal day' at the White House
Live Episode
A group of Chinese Christians come to Pres. Bartlett seeking citizenship
Sam spends the night will a call girl, President crashes bicycle into a tree
Josh sees a psychiatrist to treat his post-traumatic stress disorder.
DescriptionEpisode Name
The Final Episode - Santos is inaugrated, Bartlett leaves office after pardoning Toby.
Problems on Air Force One leaves Will, CJ, The President and the entire Press Corps airborne waiting for help.
The First Lady's birthday, Donna's US Citizenship is questioned
Sam is interviewed for Vanity Fair by his ex-fiance.
Sam and Toby go to Conneticut to get the Supreme Court nominee out of prison.
Penn and Teller appear to burn a US flag at Zoey Bartlett's birthday party, The President has a paralysing MS attack on Air Force One
Toby buys his ex-wife a house, Zoey gets abducted

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