U.S. Capitals Trivia

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Can you name the U.S. State capitals that fit each clue (arranged alphabetically within each group)?

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The capital of the first state in a well-known song about the 50 states...
...and the capital of the second state in that song
Is made up of 2 French words
Contains 'vi'
Contains 11 letters
Ends in a 'k'
Has 4 words when combined with its state's name
Its state's name is a university that is in the top 2 in Div 1A football all-time wins
Was located on the Oregon Trail
Is one word and has the same first letter as its state's name
Is the capital of a state with a population between 3.5 and 4 million
Is named after a President
Has a municipal population of less than 30,000
Is the capital of a state that is directly north or south of Washington D.C.
Starts with a 'c'
Has a metropolitan population of at least 2 million
The birthplace of the current and only two Italian-American Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito (and the only capital remaining)

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