Triple 'U'

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Can you name the words that have at least three u's?

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Not common, or a type of punishment that may also be cruel
Hip hop, hipster, or hippie
Excessive; unnecessary
The set of courses offered at a school
Immoral; lacking ethics
Sensuously pleasing; curvaceous
Being everywhere at once; omnipresent
It was renamed roentgenium in 2004
Causing a great commotion; riotous
Characterized by or having great physical beauty
A loose-hanging Hawaiian dress
Cloud type that contains no other vowels
Failing to attain something desired or intended
Capital and largest city of Burkina Faso
Insincerely earnest; oily
Form of alternative medicine whose name comes from the Latin for 'needle' and 'to prick'
Opulent; self-indulgent
Existing in great numbers; crowded
Like a lie
Having no uncertainty; clear

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