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Can you name the movie titles that have been 'clipped' from these words and phrases?

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For example: P__Y__G ___TIS ("Religious" insect that may be cannibalistic), the missing letters, in order, spell out the movie title "Rain Man".
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__ACE N___LE605-foot tall Seattle landmark
S_L___ION __MYCharity known for Christmas kettles and bell ringers
MILI___I__TIO_Process that prepares a country for war
_E_MAN M___L_SAnother name for Rubella
___GI_G _N THE ___ANCEBeing in a situation whose future is uncertain
_YE_I_TA type of oculoplastic surgery
CEN___L O____EBuilding where telephone calls are connected
M_C___I_LOGIS_Scientist who studies bacteria and other minute life forms
_NT_CO____A_EOpposed to big business
PR___ R_N__The difference between the low and high points of a stock
LEN_T_ _F __AYPeriod of time spent in a hospital
__Y__A ___NNAMinivan produced by a Japanese automaker
_BO_ NE_TPre-release nickname for a Microsoft game system
_E__LE___IAEarly 1960's craze concerning a British rock band
QUE S___, ___ASignature Doris Day song that is improper Spanish for 'what will be, will be'
__IPW__C_Disastrous event in 'Robinson Crusoe', 'The Tempest', and 'Gilligan's Island'
_UM__ _L___24-hour cycle regulated by our Circadian rhythm
G___T'_ T__BManhattan burial site of the 18th U.S. President
_OE_N_Maker of the 747 jumbo jet
LEA____ST___INGJames Fenimore Cooper's '___ Tales', featuring Natty Bumppo
__A_ PER_N'Evita' role
DIE_A_Y G_ID___N__Food guide pyramid and nutrition facts labels
MI__T__Y __BR__YInstitution featuring books and other references about war
HE_T__E_Both the Vatican City and Tiananmen Square have an area of about 44 of these
__R_IGHTFO____DNE_SQuality of being honest and direct
__W_ER HA_Charlie Chaplin's 'The Little Tramp' garment
_E___T _D_IRERMysterious sender of love letters
__TER _I_I_SMonet produced over 250 paintings featuring these plants
___R_OS FL___This bottle keeps your coffee warm
___A S_IRTHawaiian dancer's apparel
_UL_ _F ST. LAW_EN__This Canadian body of water is the world's largest estuary
C_R_S__HURC_Second-largest city in New Zealand
_PEC_E_ IN______IONCommensalism, mutualism, or parasitism
_AIL___D_They can decrease the length of a flight

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