Double Be-header: Game 2

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Can you name the seven letter words that can be 'beheaded' twice to create new words?

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You can give just the 7 letter word or all three words (in order). The seven-letter words are sorted alphabetically.
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Beached boat, perhaps
Like some spices
Members of the cow family
Members of the sheep family
Tarzan's transportation
Fashioned a rope out of fibers
Rightward, on a map
Behind, on a boat
Men's magazine founded in 1933
A knight's shield-bearer
A quantity of paper (usually 24 or 25 sheets)
Camera flickers
39 of these would leave you just shy of death
'Angela's ___', Frank McCourt memoir
Hermione with Muggle parents
Park protector
One of the seven deadly sins
Cultivating plants
Propelling a boat
In the red
Russia has 46 of these provinces
Remains to the end
One who makes a promise
A book for recording transactions
Tool that trims the rims of lawns
Makes reservations again
Amazon Kindle products
Library filler
Couch potatoes' devices
Acts dramatically
Angry mother, perhaps
Lower on the thermometer
More aged
One end of the pool
Eve was the first one of these
If it's not one, it's the ...
Speak & spit
Mini golf necessity
Use one's voice
Virus variations
Track teams?
To wrap a baby tightly in cloth
Penguin's gait
Overtaken by bees
Heated up
Packing heat
Broadway building
Wintertime comforter
Cafeteria customer

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