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Can you name the words or phrases that have AEIOU running forward or backward through them?

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What the military abbreviation AWOL stands forA__E__ _I__OU_ _____
This 1775-1783 war began with 'the shot heard 'round the world'A_E_I___ ___O_U____
Italian explorer and namesake of two continentsA_E_I_O ____U___
If you see this phrase on a product, you need to supply your own AAs_A__E_I__ _O_ ____U___
Pittsburgh school named after two Andrews, one a Scottish industrialist, the other a U.S. Treasury secretary_A__E_I_ ____O_ U_________
Idiom that means 'you shouldn't unappreciatively question a gift'___'_ ____ A ____ ____E I_ ___ _OU__
Being humorous about a serious matter_A_E_IOU_
University building that is usually labeled with three Greek letters__A_E__I__ _OU__
To blow things out of proportion, idiomatically_A_E _ ______I_ OU_ __ _ ________
Disrespectful to what is considered sacred_A____E_IOU_
When traveling back to the past, be careful not to disrupt this fourth dimension__A_E-_I__ _O_____U_
To consider something before making a decision_A_E I__O ____U__
A stage surrounded by the audience on all four sides___A__E-I_-___-_OU__
'The things you observe are reality'; or, a type of software abbreviated WYSIWYG__A_ ___ _E_ I_ ____ _OU ___
A disorder, such as Chron's, lupus, or psoriasis, where the body attacks itself_U_OI_____ ___EA__
A type of gun that continues to shoot while the trigger is pulled_U_O___I_ ___EA__
Cash dispenser abbreviated ATM (var.)_U_O___I_ _E____ _A_____
If a police officer pulls you over, he will probably ask for proof of this_U_O___I_E _____A___
Even if this idiom were a true statement, the animal would still have eight lives_U__O____ _I____ __E _A_
Malabo, the capital of this African country, is on an island located almost 100 miles from the mainland__U__O_I__ ____EA
U.S. government agency better known as the FBI_______ _____U O_ I__E____A____
Hiawatha was the founder of this group of five Native American tribes____UOI_ _EA___
This Spanish singer and dad of Enrique was almost paralyzed in a car crash; he took up guitar playing to regain strength in his hands_U__O I__E__A_
Full name of the UK's next-door neighbour___U____ O_ I_E_A__
This group with nine justices is the most important American judicial body_U_____ _O___ __ ___ __I_E_ __A___
Not able to be detectedU__O_I_EA___

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