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Can you name the the word missing in these Taylor Swift song titles?

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Song TitleMissing Word
Dear ____
You're Not ______
Love _____
White ______
Come in with the ____
_____ Again
Hey _______
State of ______
I _______ Do
A _____ In This World
Better Than _______
The Story of ___
Back to _________
If This Was A _____
Today Was A _________
The Other ____ of the Door
__________ Has Changed
The ____ Time
Our ____
Jump Then ____
Song TitleMissing Word
Forever & ______
____ Ground
The ____ Day
_____ Together With A Smile
The Way I _______ You
I Heart ______
____ & Sound
I'm Only ___ When I'm With You
Never ____ Up
____ As You
A ________ Good Heart
I Knew You Were _______
I'd ___
Sad _________ Tragic
________ To Burn
_____ Open
____ Beautiful
Last ____
_______ Fly
_________ On My Guitar

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