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What was Edge's WCW alias?
Besides Randy Savage, who was the only other male part of Team Madness in WCW?
Which WWE Hall of Famer pinned Brock Lesnar in a dark match in 2002?
What was the first Wrestlemania that's main event wasn't for the championship or involve the Heavyweight Champion?
What was the name of the first Survivor Series team to have all it's member survive?
Who were the first set of brothers to win the World Tag Titles?
What was the song that Jeff Jarrett sang, but was later revealed to be Jessie James singing?
DDP won the 1996 Lethal Lottery, who was his wildcard partner?
Who was the first person ever eliminated from the Elimination Chamber?
Who was the first person to win a championship at Summerslam?
How much money was on the line at Wrestlemania 1's body slam challenge between Andre the Giant and Big John Studd
Who has competed in the most king of the ring tournament?
Who wrestled twice at the first In Your House?
What Intercontinental champion held the title for the least amount of time combining all reigns?
In the 1998 Royal Rumble, which superstar didn't enter that was supposed to?
What team won the first ever Survivor Series Match?
Who holds the record for staying the Rumble the longest when not winning the rumble?
At Starrcade 1995 who had to wrestle 2 matches in the same night to win the WCW Championship?
When Jeff Jarrett returned to WCW in 1999, who did he attack and claim to be 'the Chosen One?'
Who was allowed two chances in the 1997 King of the Ring?
What team holds the record for the longest combined days as reigning Tag team champions?
What number was Dustin Rhodes once known as?
Kane the wrestler could be the Undertaker's brother but in WCW Kane a different Kane was also known as...
Who was the first person eliminated in the 1998 Survivor Series tournament?
What was Lex Luger's team name at Survivor Series 1994?
In WCW, who took an ackward bump on a trap door almost ending their career?
After Hogan, who was the first WCW defector to join the NWO?
Who was known as the Power Warrior when teaming with Road Warrior Hawk in Japan?
How many Royal Rumble winners never held the World title?
How many Royal Rumble winners have also won King of the Ring?
What type of match did Randy Savage and Ric Flair compete in at Bash at the Beach 1995?
How long was Edge and Christians pose for the benefit of those with flash photography?

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