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As of 2012, there are six superstars who last less than 5 seconds in the Royal Rumble who are they?
Hulk Hogan had six reigns as WWF/E Champion, can you name the opponents he defeated for these reigns
Who were the six male members of the Filthy Animals
At the 2009 Survivor Series there was two Triple Threat matches, who were the particpants
Who was on Big Show's 2010 Bragging Rights Team
Who were the first six tag teams to lose their titles at Wrestlemania
Beside Arn Anderson and Ric Flair, who were the other six member of the Alliance to end Hulkamania at Uncensored 1996
At Summerslam 1989, there was two six man tag matches, who were the six winners
Who were the six men Mike Sanders led as a part of the Natural Born Thrillers
Bret Hart won the 1991 King of the Ring, who were the six others in the quarter finals

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