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Can you name the movies based on the murder(s) committed in them?

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Murder DescriptionMovieYear
Uma Thurman in a hospital room with a door2003
Sean Connery in Fort Knox with a hat1964
Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus in a hotel room with silenced pistols1999
Gary Oldman in Dallas with a rifle1991
Peter Stormare in North Dakota with a wood chipper1996
Dolph Lundgren in Las Vegas with his fists1985
Denzel Washington in Mexico with various implements of torture2004
Edward Norton in Venice Beach with a curb1998
Joe Pesci in a bar with a pen1995
Nicolas Cage in Las Vegas with a rock crusher1997
Murder DescriptionMovieYear
Some hunters in the forest with a gun (animated)1942
Patricia Arquette in a hotel room with a shotgun1993
Martin Sheen in Cambodia with a machete1979
Bruce Willis in Los Angeles with... gravity1988
Clint Eastwood in a hospital with a syringe2004
Jack Nicholson in his hideout with a prank hand buzzer1989
Keanu Reeves in Australia with a big f***ing wave1991
Johnny Depp in a castle with his 'hands'1990
Malcolm McDowell in an old woman's house with a phallic sculpture1971
Anthony Perkins in a shower with a knife1960

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