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Where does George Michael hide his DVD of 'Dangerous Cousins'?
What is a Forget-Me-Now?
Who plays Tobias Funke on 'Scandalmakers'?
What is Franklin's full name?
Who is Buster's biological father?
To whom does Maeby pitch the idea for a TV show in the series finale?
What dish does Lindsay make from canned ham?
What is the name of George Sr.'s motivational tape?
Where does Michael go to bail GOB out of prison?
What drug did Dr. Funke's 100 Percent Natural Good Time Family Band Solution promote?
From what chronic illness does Lucille Austero suffer?
How does George Michael know one of the hot cops?
Where does George Michael hide his secret love letters to Maeby?
What is an 'MRF'?
What Hemingway story does Maeby have a studio intern write a report on?
With whom does Michael think Marta is cheating on GOB?
To what establishment is the song 'Big Yellow Joint' a reference?
Who is Steve Holt's father?
What does George Sr. have installed in the attic of the model home?
What disease does Maeby's alter ego Surely suffer from?
What is T-Bone?
What kind of animal took Buster's hand?
What is the name of GOB's rival banana stand?
With what does Lucille replace Lupe, her housekeeper?
What is Ice the bounty hunter's other profession?
What does George Michael buy in order to look tougher?
What does Buster insist they were promised by the CIA before they leave Iraq?
What does Bob Loblaw drop on the Bluths?
From what actor does Tobias take acting lessons?
What does one usually get when they drive the stair car?
Who is the guy wearing the $4,000 suit? Come on!
Where can you get unlimited refills on any drink you want?
Who teaches George Sr. not to teach lessons?
Who does Tobias' masquerade as in order to spend time with his family?
Who does GOB lose in the Aztec Tomb?
Whose grandfather did the Bluths put out of business when they opened the banana stand?
Who has pop-pop in the attic?
What is the title of Tobias' best-selling novel?
To what establishment does the cab driver take Tobias in the episode 'Storming the Castle'?
What gift does Lucille give to Maeby in order to spite Lindsay?
Who does Michael accidentally leave in Mexico?
What religious practice does Lindsay raise money against?
How much money was in the banana stand?
Lucille adopted Lindsay because what family wanted her?
What song does GOB use to introduce his magic acts?
What actor plays the director of 'Girls With Low Self-Esteem'?
What kind of animal does Buster take as a pet?
What was Tobias' hybrid profession before he became an actor?
Who plays George Sr. on 'Scandalmakers'?
What does Michael throw at Maggie Lizer in court to prove she isn't blind?

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