Friends Trivia: All About Joey

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Joey trivia questionJoey trivia answer
Where was Joey born?
How many sisters does Joey have?
What nationality is Joey?
What is Joeys favourite basketball team?
Who was Joeys childhood imaginary friend?
What does Joey do to make his lips look irresistable at the end of a date?
What size are Joeys feet?
What is Joeys profession?
Where did Joey work at briefly to earn money in season 6?
What was Joeys character called in Days Of Our Lives?
What was Joeys TV show, where he was the title character called?
What is Joeys middle name?
In which episode was Joey ordained as a minister?
Joey trivia questionJoey trivia answer
What is Joeys 'bed time penguin pal' called?
Whose 'Butt double' did Joey play?
What is Joey's nickname when he is working at Monica's restaurant as a waiter?
Why was Joey fired off Days of our Lives?
What book does Joey read, recommeneded by Rachel?
What nationality does Joey tell Phoebe he is one-sixteenth of?
What is the name of the place Joey works at in Las Vegas?
Where does Joey put the book, The Shining, when he gets scared?
Who does Joey fall asleep with when watching Die Hard?
Who is Joeys alter-ego when working with Chandler as an entry level processer
What play was Joey starring in when he was talent-spotted by his agent?
What is Joeys favourite food?

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