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Can you name the simbase hitters with the most extreme career stats (min. 620 PA or equiv.)?

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Most R/PA17.7%
Most H/PA36.5%
Most RBI/PA21.4%
Most 2B/PA7.8%
Most 3B/PA2.1%
Most HR/PA10.0%
Most BB/PA23.8%
Most K/PA27.8%
Most GB/PA54.0%
Most FB/PA59.8%
Most LD/PA34.8%
Most GIDP/PA4.1%
Most SB/PA16.9%
Most CS/PA4.2%
Most WPA/PA.0132
Most TB/PA.629
Most BIP/PA91.0%
Most XB/PA.357
Most GWRBI/GP11.8%
Most HR/FB22.9%
Most GIDP/GB10.4%
Most GWRBI/RBI22.9%
Most XB/H2.316
Fewest R/PA6.0%
Fewest H/PA16.5%
Fewest RBI/PA6.5%
Fewest 2B/PA1.7%
Fewest 3B/PA0%
Fewest HR/PA0.7%
Fewest BB/PA0.5%
Fewest K/PA1.9%
Fewest GB/PA5.8%
Fewest FB/PA10.4%
Fewest LD/PA1.9%
Fewest GIDP/PA0.3%
Fewest SB/PA0%
Fewest CS/PA0%
Least WPA/PA-.0075
Fewest TB/PA.239
Fewest BIP/PA65.6%
Fewest XB/PA.064
Fewest GWRBI/GP0.6%
Fewest HR/FB2.6%
Fewest GIDP/GB2.3%
Fewest GWRBI/RBI3.3%
Fewest XB/H0.257

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