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What two moms are BFFLs?
What did Abby yell at Asia for after one of her solos?
How many turns can Sophia Lucia do?
Which one of the moms has never cursed on camera?
Which two Dance Moms secretly filmed Maddie during her extra practice time?
What is the name of Brooke's music single?
Who is Brooke and Paige's brother?
Team Maddie or Team Chloe? (There's only one right answer...)
What was the color of Maddie and Chloe's costumes when they did the same solo?
What does Cathy's husband sell?
What three girls do a trio together most often?
When is Chloe's birthday?
What did the dance moms say Jill's blue sweater was made out of?
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What did Christi think Black Patsy (Kaya) was going to pull out?
What is the name of Cathy's current choreographer?
What did Kelly get for her 40th birthday?
Which ALDC dancer aspires to join Cirque du Soleil?
What is the name of Nia's first ethnic dance on the show?
What did the Dance Moms think Abby looked like in her tracksuit?
What dancer said she was better than everyone else and got kicked off the team for it?
What is the name of Abby's dog?
Who does Abby refer to as 'Roadkill' on her ultimate dance competition
Where is Candy Apples Dance Studio?
Who does Mackenzie say she wants to marry?
What is Melissa's new last name?

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