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existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness*acting at or above the threshold of consciousness
coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcitedworried, anxious
to cease, as from some actionto continue doing an action
serving no useful purpose; more than is needednecessary; essential
intended to attract notice and impress others; ostentatiousattempting to fit in or appear normal
overly restrainedcarefree, lackadaisical
preliminary, introductory; indicative of something to followin the present circumstances, or indicative thereof
to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completelyto completely understand (and possibly do addition)
ignorant of the laws of nature; believing in magicrational; believing the laws of nature and chance are immutable
a statement or document that renounces responsibilitya statement or document that assumes responsibility
to foretell; indicate by signsto explain what is happening in the present
to win approval or support; convinceto talk about something neutrally; to inform
free from evil or guilt*causing harm; guilty
in a state of sulky dissatisfaction*happy or contented; satisfied
of little substance or significanceof great significance; penetrating or deep
unusually advanced or mature in development (especially mental development)developing normally
to become worse or disintegrateto improve, build up, or become whole
in disarray; extremely disorderlyput together; neat and clean
unable to move; slow and apatheticfull of motion; excited
to asssign to a lower position; reduce in rankto assign to an equivalent, but different, position
awkward, clumsy, or unmannerly*showing or having good manners or sophistication
a word that describes the highest level attainable; the bestone of several degrees attainable; of moderate quality
feeling loathing or nausealiking something; feeling pleasure
not musical in nature; lacking in harmony*concordant; harmonious
to cast aside or dispose of; get rid ofto pick up; obtain
generally incompetent and ineffectualcompetent and effective

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