Missing Animals: Jean Craighead George Book Titles

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Can you name the animals missing in these Jean Craighead George books?

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If different book titles use both general names for animals and specific species, these answers are listed separately. For example, if two books were "Screechy the Squirrel" and "Fred the Flying Squirrel," you would need to guess both "squirrel" and "flying squirrel."
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Book TitleMissing Animal
The Moon of the _____
Snow _____
The Moon of the _____
The Moon of the Winter _____
The _____ Are Back
How to Talk to Your _____
The _____ of Roxville Station
The Moon of the _____
_____ in Manhattan
The Cry of the _____: A Novel
The Moon of the _____
How to Talk to Your _____
_____ Walk
The Summer of the _____
The _____ Connection
Hook a _____, Catch a Mountain
The Moon of the _____ Pups
The Missing _____ of Gumbo Limbo
_____ Trouble
The _____ Gang
The Moon of the _____
Bubo the _____
The _____ With the Golden Ears
_____ Number 737
Vison the _____
The Moon of the _____
Book TitleMissing Animal
The Moon of the _____
The Moon of the _____
There's an _____ in the Shower
The Moon of the _____
The Moon of the Wild _____
The Last _____
Masked Prowler, the Story of a ______
River ______
Charlie's _____
Vulpes the _____
______ Romp
Red _____, Fly Up!
Who Really Killed Cock _____?: An Ecological Mystery
The Moon of the _____
_____ Beneath the Reef
Meph the Pet _____
The _____ in My Purse: And 172 Other Wild Pets
Frightful's Daughter Meets the Baron _____
_____ Trap
Julie's _____ Pack
Look to the North, A _____ Pup Diary
Nutik, the _____ Pup
The Wounded _____
Julie of the _____
The _____ Are Back

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