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Can you name the number of calories in these fast food items (nearest multiples of 100)?

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Bagel Dog (With Cheddar Cheese)Einstein Bros/Noahs
Chocolate Ice Cream (4 oz scoop)Baskin Robbins
Chicken Strips (3 strips, 3.75 oz)Hardee's
Chocolate Frosted DonutDunkin Donuts
Chocolate Chip MuffinDunkin Donuts
Blueberry Cobbler BagelBig Apple Bagels
Cheese Pizza Slice (1/8 12'' Hand-Tossed)Domino's
Coffee Cooler (Medium, with whipped cream)Caribou Coffee
Original Glazed DonutKrispy Kreme
Classic Cinnabon (1)Cinnabon
Chicken Parmigiana (dinner portion)Oliver Garden
Wisconsin Mac & Cheese (Regular)Noodles & Company
Bob-B-Q Pulled Pork SandwichBob Evans
Crinkle Cut Fries (Regular)Culver's
Crunchwrap SupremeTaco Bell
Biscuit 'N' GravyHardee's
Hot Fudge Sundae (Medium/8.25 oz)Dairy Queen
Tuna with Mayo Blend (7.5'' sub)Cousins Subs
Chicken Breast (5.75 oz, original breading)KFC
Beef 'n Cheddar Sandwich (Medium)Arby's
Breadstick (1, no sauce)Domino's
Cheesecake (Original; One slice of a 10'' cake)Cheesecake Factory
Meat Lover's Stuffed Crust Slice (1/8 14'' pizza)Pizza Hut
Onion Rings (Regular/4 oz)Dairy Queen
Bacon CheeseburgerA&W
Macho Beef BurritoDel Taco
Jalapeno Steak QuesadillaChili's
Gourmet Veggie Club Sandwich (Standard toppings & mayo)Jimmy John's
Nutella Crepes (3)IHOP
Double Whopper, with cheese and MayoBurger King
Butter Burger (Original)Culver's
9 oz SirloinOutback Steakhouse
All Beef Hot DogDairy Queen
Buffalo Chicken Wings (Classic)Applebee's
French Fries (Medium/4 oz)McDonald's
Original Pretzel with ButterAuntie Anne's
Fettuccine Alfredo (20 oz)Fazoli's Italian Food
Chili Cheese Fries (12 oz)Carl's Jr.
Breakfast BurritoDel Taco
Ham & Cheddar Omelette (10 oz)Denny's
Chocolate Shake (medium)Culver's
Bic MacMcDonald's
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich (without sauce)Chick-fil-A
Greek Salad, 14 ozCosi
Mango-a-go-go Smoothie (16 fl. oz)Jamba Juice
Curly Fries (Large/7 oz)Arby's
Roasted Turkey Open-Faced SandwichBoston Market
CheeseburgerFive Guys
Buttermilk Pancakes (3, no toppings)Denny's

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