Locations at Hogwarts by Clue

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Can you name the locations of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

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For a while, the Marauder's Map was stored here
Fluffy guards the Sorcerer's Stone here
Grindylows live here
The Mirror of Erised was hidden in one of these
It's the most significant place in the basement
Contains everything from giant spiders to rogue cars
This is where the Champions gathered to learn the rules of the Triwizard Tournament
Madam Pomfrey works here
When Hedwig was injured in Harry's fifth year, this is where he brought her
These can be handy shortcuts, or help you leave Hogwarts unnoticed
It's connected to the place where Harry was going to duel Malfoy
Harry and Ron played wizard chess in here
Sir Cadogen joined Harry, Ron, and Hermione on a quest to find this place
Harry was going to duel Malfoy here, but the Slytherin never showed up
Cauldrons are a necessity in this classroom - make sure the bottom is thick enough!
Harry used 'sectumsempra' here
Firenze taught in this classroom
The Fat Lady's Portrait is here
Quidditch players can store their brooms here
Where the first years wait to be sorted
This is main sports arena at Hogwarts
Ginny tried to dispose of her diary in here
The professor of this classroom sometimes enters through the back wall
This is the tallest tower at Hogwarts
Hagrid, as a boy, hid Aragog in one of these
Everything from detentions to parties occur here
A cold area under the school
You might find a venomous tentacula or a mandrake here
One of these has a vanishing step
It has a large number of entertaining faucets
The location of perhaps the most dangerous secret passage out of the Hogwarts grounds
This is where first years arrive immediatly after crossing the lake
Contains 'Moste Potente Potions'
This classroom has seen an abnormal number of teachers
Students and staff eat most meals in here
You might find an animagus in this classroom
'Accio' is taught in here
This is NOT where Aragog lives
Oliver Wood has given many pep-talks here
Amycus Carrow spat in Professor McGonagall's face in here, evoking Harry's wrath
It is 'stiflingly warm' and filled with 'sickly' perfumes
These are grassy, open areas where students can hang out between classes
Connects the outside of the castle to the Great Hall
You might find dragons, large dogs, and hippogriffs in here
The password was once 'pure-blood'
Harry and Ron saved Hermione from a troll in one of these
This room once held many chamber pots for Professor Dumbledore
You might send a letter from here
Don't make Madam Pince angry in here
Tickle a pear to get in here
Contains spindly tables with silver instruments

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