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Can you name the result for each quiz: (C)ompleted, (R)an out of Time, or (N)ever Played?

Updated Feb 25, 2013

How to Play
A poor Sporcler has forgotten how he's done on his favorite quizzes. Can you use the clues to tell him which quizzes he (c)ompleted, which he (r)an out of time on, and which he (n)ever attempted? (Also, please note that a quiz that is "not completed" still has two possible results.)

US States


Countries of the World (Image Quiz)

Geography Bunker (Minefield)


Flags of the World (Image Quiz)


Capitals of Europe (Image Quiz)


US Presidents


Original 13 Colonies


Famous Wars


Monarchs of England


20th Century by Image


Harry Potter Top 200


Books by Their Covers (Image Quiz)


Shakespeare Plays


Novel by Opening Lines


Fairy Tales by Illustration (Image Quiz)

Periodic Table


Digits of
Pi (Minefield)


Simple Math Minefield


Human Body Systems


Animals by Skeleton (Image Quiz)

Commonest English Words


Most Spoken Languages


Greek Alphabet


The Beatles in Latin


Rhymes with Cat


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