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Plot ShowActor
A hero and his sidekick in ancient Greek save towns form gods, demons and warlordsKevin Sorbo (1995-1999)
An ex-warlord travels through ancient greek with her sidekick to save people from evil forces (and warlords)Lucy Lawless (1995-2001)
Life guards, red bathing suits, slow motionPamela Anderson (1989-2001)
Life after life guards, red bathing suits, slow motion. This time at a PI firmDavid Hasselhoff (1995-1997)
Aliens have integrated into society, which leaves a police officer protecting them even though he is part of the resistenceKevin Kilner (1997-2002)
Two ex-Navy SEALS mercenearies fight crime on a boat (and raise one's daughter)Hulk Hogan (1994)
A geneticst creates hundreds of mutants who are being hunted by his former employerJohn Shea (2001-2004)
Vallery Irons owns a bodyguard agency that hires only beautiful peoplePamela Anderson (1998-2002)
Ex-boxer T.S. Turner is set up for a crime he did not commit and becomes a PI with a female lawyerMr. T (1988-1990)
Ex-astronaut makes a futuristic suit to fight the criminals who killed his brotherKen Olandt (1990-1992)
Exploeres find dinosaurs in a hidden prehistoric land in the AmazonPeter McCauley (1999-2002)
500 years in the future, a trio of female revolutionaires battle with the machines who rule earthGina Torres (2000-2001)
Basically Zorro with a female leadTessie Santiago (2000-2001)
Plot ShowActor
Syndey Fox (a female Indian Jones) hunts down relics to return to musuemsTia Carrere (1999-2002)
In 1800, an American agent is sent to the South Pacific to help a spy fight against Napoleon's naval advancesBruce Campbell (2000-20101)
Based on a 1982 movie of the same name, an alpha males talks to animals while wearing a loinclothDaniel Goddard (1999-2002)
A cop turns in bad cops who later kill his girlfriend. After being framed for murder, he becomes a bounty hunter. An outlaw hunting outlaws.Lorenzo Lamas (1992-1997)
The Classic barbarian exacts revenge on the sorcerer who killed his parentsRalf Moeller (1997-1998)
A version of The Arabian Nights. has the title character fight pirates in the Middle EastZen Gesner (1996-1998)
An unlikely crew tries to reunite the galaxies, led by the last guardian of a fallen civilizationKevin Sorbo (2000-2005)
A female Tarzan who can transform into animals by looking in their eyesGena Lee Nolin (2000-2002)
A professional explorer and his company try to find hidden treasuresMichael Biehn (2002-2003)
A counter-terrorism group (Hemisphere Emergency Action Team) fight terroist in while undercover as bathing suit modelsFabio (1993-1994, 1998-1999)
Three female criminas work as secret agents for the government while wearing skimpy outfitsNatasha Henstridge (2002-2004)
This sequel follows Kwai Chang Caine's grandson after his temple is destoryed and he starts working with his detective sonDavid Carradine (1993-1997)

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