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(Total par of an 18-hole par 3 golf course)
[(Score for a red bullseye in darts) + (Score for a football touchdown)] x (Score for an eagle in golf)
(Players in a soccer team) x (Players in a football team)
(Shortest hurdle race in the Olympics) - (Length of a marathon to the nearest mile)
(Miles in a Daytona 500 race) ÷ (Events in a pentathlon)
(Number of players in a basketball team) x (Players in a rugby union team)
(Perfect Score in ten pin bowling) ÷ (Length of a quarter in the NBA)
(Score of one player in a deuce in tennis) - (Points for a black ball in snooker)
(Total length of a football field) - (Length of a cricket pitch)
(Number of ends in an Olympic curling match) x (Length of a period in ice hockey)
(Highest 3-dart score in darts) ÷ (Length of a half in rugby union)
(Year England won the FIFA World Cup) + (Number of the 2015 Super Bowl)
(Length of a half in soccer) + (Number of balls in an over of cricket)
(Number of strikes until out in baseball) x (Score for a bullseye in archery) x (Length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool)
(Minimum points to win a game of table tennis) - (Points for a free throw in basketball)

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