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Forced Order
What's the Branch?Name that Branch!
Is elected by the Electorial College
The Supreme Court is the head of this branch.
The Senate and the House of Representatives make up this branch.
These branches (order of constitution) can check the power of the other branches.
Least amount of requirements listed in the Constitution for membership.
Congress is a part of this branch.
Responsible for settling disagreements over laws
Responsible for making the laws.
What's the Branch?Name that Branch!
The president is head of this branch.
This group's power is stated in Article I of the Constitution.
Is elected by popular vote.
Responsible for enforcing the laws.
This group's power is stated in Article II of the Constitution.
This group's power is stated in Article III of the Constitution.
Must live in the state when running for office.
It has cabinet members in 15 different departments.

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