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ClueAnsweryou're clearly not smarter
This distinguished 19th century writer authored the book 'Across the Plains' in 1897 recalling his journey across the United States on the newly completed Transcontinental Railroad
Who won Super Bowl XVII (17) in 1983?
Who was the 26th President of the United States?
In 1806, Stephan Decatur led a party of US sailors into Tripoli Harbor to burn this ship in order to prevent it from being used by the Barbary Pirates
The United States declared war on this country on June 5th, 1942
M*A*S*H* is an Abbreviation for what?
Zackary Taylor was known as the 'Hero of this battle' for his victory against Santa Anna in the Mexican-American War.The Hero of _______ ________.
Mickey Mouse was 'born' in this year.
Approximately how much money was embezzled from the Credit Mobilier?nice even number, because we don't like math
What was the 27th State admitted to the Union in 1845?
The United States declared war on this country on June 5th, 1942
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released in this year.
When was the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series Title?
Which European war had forced increased demands on American grain, which in turn led to post war surpluses and ultimately the Panic of 1857?
Peter Zenger was defended in 1734 in the Zenger Trial by this man.He was a former Indentured Servant and 'Distinguished' Philadelphia Lawyer
ClueAnsweryou're clearly not smarter
The US Department of Transportation was established in
As his conquest of the Aztec began, Cortes landed in this part of Mexico before marching on Tenochtitlan.
This Supreme Court Judge is acquitted of Impeachment by the Seante in 1805
In what year did the National Census determined that the 'demographic center' of the population had moved west of the Alleghenies?
This National Security Council Memorandum recommending the government quadruple its Defense Spending was originally ignored due to the political situation of the timeFormula: NSC-#
The United States declared war on this country on June 5th, 1942
What is the term used to describe the aggressive and heedless exploitation of the West's natural bounty?
The Simpsons first aired in this year
William Longsword is more commonly known as the 'Duke of _________.'
Who was the US Secretary of State during World War II?
In Hofstandter's Essay, he mentions several qualities of Thomas Jefferson, yet only one of those was fatal. What is the quality; Jefferson was fatally _______.
How many words are in the Gettysburg Address?This is a softball question.
Which state was the first to enact an anti-trust law?Year: 1883
In what year was the 'Invisible Empire of the South' founded?
The Association was adopted by this body

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