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What Is The Name of The Christian Rock Band Cartman Starts?
What Is The Name of The Boys' Band That Protests Illegal downloading?
What is the name of Timmy's Band
Who Wrote the South Park Theme Song?
What is Matt Stone and Trey Parker's band name?
What Song Does Cartman Have To Sing Every Lyric of Once He Hears One Line?
According To Cartman, Kyle's Mom's A...
What Band Has A Groovy Pirate Mystery?
What Is The Name of The Boys' Boy Band?
What Was The Name of Randy's Boy Band When He Was Younger?
'Where Were You When They Built The...'
What is Jennifer Lopez's Smash Hit? (Cartman's Hand)
'When Something Goes Wrong Blame...'
What Is The Name of The Anti-Rainforest Group/Song?
'We don't have to spend our lives shooting up in the trash, homeless on the street, giving ****jobs for cash, Follow this plan and very soon you will say...'

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