The Walking Dead (Character Name Scramble)

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Can you name the The Walking Dead (Character Name Scramble)?

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NameAnswerIn Seasons
rilo reimgs1-3
de lepterei1-1
gomar sjone1-?
lehsher reegne2-present
mlonti memta3-present
ipsoah leieeptr1-2
nelng here1-present
gigame reneeg2-present
rlayd nixdo1-present
lcra irges1-present
NameAnswerIn Seasons
orethedo lgasdou1-3
plhilp kebla3-present
ikrc sgimre1-present
nedua eojns1-?
lemre dnoxi1-present
tjuidh mrieg3-present
tebh eneger2-present
oracl telpiere1-present
hsean slahw1-2
ldea vathorh1-2

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