Identify 10 Trees on the Rivanna River Trail

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Can you name the Identify 10 Trees on the Rivanna River Trail?

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Compound leaves, 7 or more leaflets, leaflets pointed ,leaf 8 to 24 inches long,leaflets have petiole, smile-shaped leaf scar extending up sides of new bud 
Has berries, may have scaly and prickly needles 
Pointed lobes, sinues extend halfway to mid-vein, leaves hairless, dull green 
Rounded lobes, 5 to 9 deep even lobes and sinuses, leaves hairless 
Alternate, Compound leaves, 7 or more leaflets, Leaflets pointed, Leaf 8 to 24 inches long 
Acorns are 1.5-3 cm long and 1-2 cm broad 
Distinctive Fruits used for special steamed pudding 
compound leaves, white(ish) wood,  
33–82 ft tall, leaves are alternate, simple, 3–15 cm (1.2–5.9 in) long, ovate, evenly serrated margins. 
Dark reddish brown, broken into oblong plate-like scales, Alternate, palmately nerved, broadly-ovate  

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