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John Malkovich/Willem Dafoe (2000)
John C. McGinley/Ray Liotta (2003)
Al Pacino/John Cazale (1975)
John Cusack/Gene Hackman (2003)
Tim Robbins/Meg Ryan (1986)
Tom Cruise/Joe Pantoliano (1983)
Al Pacino/Sean Penn (1993)
Drew Barrymore/Seth Rogen (2001)
Harvey Keitel/Jodie Foster (1976)
Nicolas Cage/Elisabeth Shue (1995)
Paul Giamatti/Allison Janney (1997)
Harrison Ford/Gary Oldman (1997)
Michael Ironside/Christian Bale (2004)
Clint Eastwood/Fred Ward (1979)
Robert De Niro/Marlon Brando (2001)
James Stewart/Katharine Hepburn (1940)
Michael Douglas/Robert Duvall (1993)
Gwyneth Paltrow/Viggo Mortenson (1998)
Sean Connery/Andy Garcia (1987)
Bruce Willis/Harvey Keitel (1994)

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