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God of the Sea
God of the Underworld
1/3 of Athens population died from a ___________ which lead to their downfall
Games held every four years to honor gods
The second Greek philosopher that wrote 'The Republic'
The Goddess of Beauty (she's a cutie)
The father of medicine
An important battle that resulted in a VERY long run
Greek religion was....(Mono of Poly)
The first Greek philosopher (new method of questioning)
A tyrannical reformer in Athens... not Malfoy
Greeks gave their gods/goddesses _________ traits to make them reailstic
Which sea was south of Greece (and very big)
Apollo was the God of.....
A legendary city on Asia Minor that had a famous war
The biggest temple Temple (honors Athena)
Zeus' Wife (Goddess of Marriage)
The Athenian Empire emerged from this defensive league...
Athens tried to invade ______________ which led to their downfall
A rule by many people is a....
God of the Sky and of all Gods
Wrote the Illiad and Odyssey
Athens first had a _______________, or rule by a king
The God of War
Goddess of the Moon
The third Greek philosopher...taught Alexander the Awesome
The oracle at ______________ was the most famous
What type of government has two ruling kings and was used in Sparta?
What geographic feature led to city-states emerging?
Was Athens good for farming?
Important strait that led to Black Sea
Athena was the Goddess of....
The combination of Greek and Asian cultures resulted in the ____________ age
Greeks went to ___________ for advice
Which sea separated Greece and Asia Minor?
King of Macedonia who conquered most Greek city-states

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