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The biggest temple Temple (honors Athena)
King of Macedonia who conquered most Greek city-states
Wrote the Illiad and Odyssey
Apollo was the God of.....
The Athenian Empire emerged from this defensive league...
Goddess of the Moon
The third Greek philosopher...taught Alexander the Awesome
Athena was the Goddess of....
Zeus' Wife (Goddess of Marriage)
The Goddess of Beauty (she's a cutie)
A rule by many people is a....
Greeks went to ___________ for advice
Was Athens good for farming?
What geographic feature led to city-states emerging?
Which sea separated Greece and Asia Minor?
Athens first had a _______________, or rule by a king
The oracle at ______________ was the most famous
Which sea was south of Greece (and very big)
God of the Underworld
The combination of Greek and Asian cultures resulted in the ____________ age
God of the Sky and of all Gods
Greeks gave their gods/goddesses _________ traits to make them reailstic
Athens tried to invade ______________ which led to their downfall
Greek religion was....(Mono of Poly)
What type of government has two ruling kings and was used in Sparta?
A tyrannical reformer in Athens... not Malfoy
Important strait that led to Black Sea
The first Greek philosopher (new method of questioning)
An important battle that resulted in a VERY long run
The second Greek philosopher that wrote 'The Republic'
The father of medicine
Games held every four years to honor gods
God of the Sea
The God of War
1/3 of Athens population died from a ___________ which lead to their downfall
A legendary city on Asia Minor that had a famous war

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