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Can you name the characters of redwall book 1?

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HintCharacter Name
Knock's Matthias on the Head
Mouse Twin's Mother
There When Basil Christened Himself
Gluttonous Hare
Annoying Vole
Reported Dead is Chapter Six
Is Impaled by Constance
Fox Son
Otter Lady
Evil Character
Sword Name
King Sparrow
Cluny's Scavenger
Fox Healer
Female Shrew
Shrew Ferry-keeper
Has Doubts About Matthias
Mole Chief
Reported Dead is Chapter Six
Cluny Wants to Eat These
Climbs Walls
Mouse Twins
Evil Character/ Dies in Chapter 4
Sparrow Friend
Lost a Paw in Chapter Six
Main Character's Girlfriend
Squirrel Mum
Helps Matthias Catch a Fish
Baby Squirrel
Draws a Cart
Cellar Keeper
Cluny's Scavenger
Sparrow Mother
Old, Wise Mouse
Main Character
Ancient Warrior
Mouse Twin's Father

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