SLI-DES-HOW: Nine-Letter Words
We hope you find this quiz ble-oya-enj.
Rhymes with EAT or DRINK
Eat, drink and be merry ...
Weather Clichés
We challenge you to think of a unique cliché
Dead Language Multiple Choice
These languages are no more, they have ceased to be!
One's Not a Word
It's a number!
Capital Consonant Pattern Puzzle
Let's keep things consonant.
Connect the 7-Letter Words
Connect is a 7-letter word...coincidence? We think not.
First Two Letters Switched
A two-letter switch agme.
Double 'O' Words
Oooooh, words.
Languages Word Ladder
Talking of ladders ...
12 Ways Not to Say 'Bond'
Apparently the name is NOT Bond...James Bond.
Words with 'Loo'
It was only a matter of time before Sporcle went right down the loo.
Vegetables in French
'That which we call un gingembre by any other name would taste as sweet' - pretty sure that's Shakespeare.
Deceptionitions III
Prepare to be deceived yet again.
Three Letter 'L' Words
In case you are wondering, LOL is not a word. Don't even try.
Vocabulary Blitz XXIV
'I' before 'E', except after...oh wait, that helps with spelling, not vocab.
Starts with D, Ends with N
You won't find one single dandelion in this quiz.
Stuck in the Middle with 'F'
When we publish the 'U' version of this quiz, we'll have the best Stealers Wheel reference in here.
Archaic Scripts II (Picture Click)
Can you follow the script?
Indefinite Definitions VIII
'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.'
Danish: Body Parts (Clickable)
We hope you knæ the answers!
Coined by Shakespeare
Don't worry, no one's expecting a pound of flesh for payment here.
Cursive Alphabet Upside-Down
Standing on your head may help.
Words in Words Minefield II
Think of this as Scrabble meets Inception.
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