Women in History: Picture Click
Some of these women have even made appearances on our stamps and coins.
Click the 'New' Wonders
Can a building hundreds of years old really be considered 'new'?
Famous Americans by Mural
Is that Joseph in his amazing technicolor dreamcoat?
Hand-Drawn History IV
Big events in history...boiled down to stick figures.
3-D History
History is better in 3D.
Simpsons Pick the President
The true mark of a great president is whether or not they appeared on The Simpsons.
Presidential Debaters
Signature hand moves are a must-have for presidential debates.
20th Century: '30s or '40s?
History classes spend a lot of time in these decades, you should have no problem with this.
'70s Timeline Picture Click
You won't have Sporcle to kick around in your bell bottoms and platform shoes anymore.
Historical People Dancing
This photo taken moments before the president busted out a wicked headspin.
'S' American History
Pro-tip: 'S' American history does not not refer to South American.
Six Letter History A-Z
If you could summarize all of history in only 6 letters, how would you do it?
On This Day: October
We thought the only thing that happened in October was Halloween, but this quiz seems to suggest otherwise.
One Sentence Presidential Elections, 1900-Present
It'll be tough to describe this year's presidential election in just one sentence.
Click the Medieval Person
The medieval period is sometimes called the Dark Ages. There must have been a lot of knights.
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