'M' Cartoon Characters by Picture
Mmmmm, cartoon characters.
Celebrity Doppelgängers in History
'Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?' - some Andy Warhol lookalike.
Character by Ear Buds
Every time we hear the term 'Ear Bud' we think of 'Air Bud,' which frankly is a pretty uncomfortable thing to try and shove in your ear.
1960s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
Well, at least I was sure of Gilligan.
I'm Seeing (Stunt) Double!
One of these people puts their life on the line each day at work. The other makes millions of dollars.
'V' Entertainment Images
It's pure coincidence that 'V' happens to be the Roman Numeral for five, we assure you.
Stupid Quotes by Celebrities
Stupid is as stupid does.
Pirates! Cap'n and Ship Match
What do you call a pirate with two eyes, two hands and two legs? A beginner.
Awards Sorting Blitz
No EGOTing here, folks.
Cartoon Feet: Nickelodeon
It's nice to see familiar feet. Even if they're a bit smelly.
Entertainment Books: The Subtitles
Is there any better way to be entertained?
Which of the Two...Broadway Musicals
Knowing your Sondheim vs your Fosse is key...said no one ever.
Famous Duckfaces III
Duck Face is so out, it's all about Fish Gape now.
Who's That With Kanye West?
After looking at these photos, you get the feeling not everyone is with Kanye by choice.
Comic Book To-Do Lists
To-do: -Play this quiz.
People (Entertainment) 7-to-1
Because everyone knows 8 people can't possibly be entertaining.
Letters In Entertainment
I guess Superman would have been too easy.
Mel vs. Mel
'Freedom!' vs. 'Harumph!'
Famous People with Awards
Which came first, the fame or the award?
Muppet Eye Match-Up
For puppets, they sure have expressive faces.
Disney Sorting Gallery IV
The Disney empire goes beyond your old VHS collection, but you already knew that.
Famous 'Go' People by Picture
If you're ever lost, follow these people. They know where to 'go'.
Celebrities Taking Selfies
How many selfies does any one person need?
Comic Book Teddy Bears
They've already saved us from monsters under the bed, now it's time for them to save the world.
1930s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
I guess they didn’t smile much for pictures back in the pre-selfie era.
'Hamilton' Songs
This quiz is almost like having tickets to the show! Almost.
Black-Haired Cartoon Characters
Somewhere, Charlie Brown is thinking these cartoons are just lucky to have hair.
The Men of Steel
Note: This is not a quiz about sildenafil citrate.
'F' Cartoon Characters by Picture
Animators take a lot of liberties when it comes to how close their character looks to a real animal.
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